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Melons and Winter Squash

VegetableVariety/Seed Source/Organic4" pots
(NEW - New crop or variety this year. An asterisk (*) means the variety has resistance to one of the major plant diseases that affects that crop.), ______
CantaloupeAthena (farmers' choice for reliability), JSS______
CantaloupeSarah’s Choice (best flavor), JSS______
Cantaloupe NEWDivergent (sweet, cantaloupe/galia mix, orange inside), JSS, OG______
Honeydew NEWWhite Honey (pearly white inside, mild & sweet), FED______
PumpkinCargo PMR (Jack O’Lantern), JSS, OG______
Pumpkin NEWJill-Be-Little (bigger fruit & more yield than Jack-Be-Little), JSS, OG______
Pumpkin, PieLong Pie (large, oblong, keeps all winter, great for cooking), FED, heirloom, OG______
Watermelon NEWKlondike Blue (red, 10” long, sweet, 15#), HMS, heirloom, OG______
Winter Squash NEWGreen Kabocha, Winter Sweet (flavor, long storage), JSS, OG______
Winter Squash NEWButtercup, Bonbon (good yield, size and taste), FED______
Winter Squash NEWHubbard North Georgia Candy Roaster (oblong), JSS, heirloom______
Winter Squash Acorn, Sweet REBA* (bush habit, high yields, PMR), HMS, OG______
Winter Squash Buttercup, Burgess (classic deep orange squash), JSS, OG______
Winter Squash Butternut, Metro PMR* (medium size squash, PMR), JSS______
Winter Squash Butternut, Waltham (lae size squash), FED, OG______
Winter Squash Hubbard Blue Hubbard, JSS, OG______
Winter SquashDelicata Delicata JS, HMS, OG______
Winter SquashSpaghetti Spaghetti, HMS, OG______
Winter SquashSweet Dumpling, Sweet Dumpling, FED______

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JSS = Johnny’s Seeds   FED = Fedco   HMS = High Mowing   HAR = Harris Seeds   HVS = Hudson Valley Seeds