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Perennial Flowers

FlowerVariety (color, bloom period), Seed Source/
OG = Organic/ sun, part shade, shade/ HB = Good for Hanging Baskets, Containers, and Planter Boxes
4" pots
(NEW - New crop or variety this year.), ______
Balloon FlowerFlorist Blue (deep blue, June–August, 3' tall, cottage garden and cut flowers), FED, sun to part shade______
Blue FlaxPrairie Flax (light blue, new flowers every morning all summer), FED, sun______
Butterfly WeedButterfly Weed (Orange, blooms June-Sept), FED, sun______
ColumbineEuropean (mostly pink, late spring-early summer, leaves stay green all summer), FED, sun or part shade______
Coropsis NEWEarly Sunrise (golden-yellow, early summer to fall, 18” tall, sun to part shade), FED______
DelphiniumConnecticut Yankee Mix (blue, purple, lavender or white, blooms summer, 3’ tall plants), FED, sun to part shade______
EchinaceaCommon Purple Coneflower (mid-late summer), JSS, sun, OG______
Echinacea NEWCheyenne Spirit (red, orange, purple, yellow or white, mid-late summer, 18-36” tall), JSS, OG______
Eryngium NEWBlue Glitter (blue, summer to fall, aka Sea Holly), JSS______
Forget-Me-NotBlue (early bloomer, short-lived perennialor biennial, it may last many years as it self-sows), FED, sun to part shade______
Jacob's LadderBlue Pearl (sky blue, late spring-early summer), FED______
Persian CatmintPersian Catmint (bluish-lavender flowers and grey-green leaves, May-June), FED, sun______
Shasta DaisyAlaska (white, June-August), FED, sun______
Sweet PeaPerennial Sweet Pea (grows 6’ tall, fills a large teepee trellis, rose white and pink, blooms mid to late-summer), FED, sun______
Sweet William NEWElectron Blend (red, pink, white, bi-color, early summer, biennial, clusters of flowers), HMS, OG______
YarrowColorado Mix (desert canyon colors: red, rose, apricot, yellow & white, June-Sept), JSS, sun, OG______

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JSS = Johnny’s Seeds   FED = Fedco   HMS = High Mowing   HAR = Harris Seeds   HVS = Hudson Valley Seeds