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Annual Flowers

FlowerVariety/Seed Source/Organic/ HB = Good for Hanging Baskets, Containers, and Planter BoxesSix packs only
AgeratumTall Blue Planet (tall, cutting flower), JSS______
AgrostemmaPurple Queen (good garden or cut flower, tall stems), JSS______
AlyssumSweet Alyssum (white, 8-16), JSS______
Amaranthus NEWCoral Fountain (coral-pink tassels, 3-5’ tall, cut flowe), JSS______
Aster, ChinaTower Custom Mix (blue, violet, white, pink, rose yellow, elegant cut flowers for September), JSS______
Bachelor ButtonStandard Mix (pink, blue, violet, white), JSS, OG______
CalendulaAlpha (clear bright orange), JSS, OG______
Canary CreeperCanary Creeper (golden-yellow, climber), FED______
CelosiaPampas Plume (feathery plumes, scarlet, orange, yellow, pink, cream, 10-14 stems/plant), JSS______
CleomeRose Queen (blooms throughout summer), HMS______
CosmosSensation Mix (pink, rose, purple, white), HMS, heirloom, OG______
CosmosVersailles Mix (cut flowers - white, pink, carmine), JSS______
Cosmos, Orange NEWBright Lights (gold & orange), HMS, OG______
Cosmos, WhitePsyche White (cut flowers-pure white), FED______
Dahlia NEWFigaro Mix (coral, red, yellow, orange, 12” tall), HAR______
GazaniaNew Day Formula Mix (striped flowers: bronze, orange, sepia, yellow, white), FED______
GomphrenaQIS Formula Mix(a/k/a GlobeAmaranth) (pink, purple, white, carmine – great fresh or dried flowers), JSS______
ImpatiensSuper Elfin Paradise Mix (lavender, lipstick, violet and melon), HAR______
ImpatiensSuper Elfin XP Pink, HAR______
ImpatiensSuper Elfin XP White, HAR______
LisianthusLavender (good cut flower, Mariachi Series), JSS, sun______
Lisianthus NEWBlue Mariachi Series (good cut flower), JSS______
LobeliaCrystal Palace Blue (5” high, 6-8” spread), FED______
Marigold, AfricanCrackerjack (large flowers, orange, yellow and tangerine mix), HMS, OG______
Marigold, AfricanGiant Orange (large flowers), JSS______
Marigold, AfricanGiant Yellow (large flowers), JSS______
Marigold, AfricanVanilla (large 3” cream flowers, all summer), FED______
Marigold, FrenchQueen Sophia (small flowers orange w/gold edge), FED______
Marigold, GemLemon Gem (tiny edible/yellow), JSS______
Marigold, GemRed Gem (tiny edible/red), JSS______
Marigold, GemTangerine Gem (tiny edible/orange), JSS______
MimulusMagic Mix (shady gardens & hanging baskets), HAR______
NasturtiumAlaska (green and white variegated foliage; red, yellow, and orange flowers), FED______
NasturtiumEmpress of India (purplish-green leaves; crimson-scarlet flowers ), JSS______
NasturtiumJewel Mix (red, orange, yellow), FED, OG______
Nasturtium NEWDwarf Jewel Blend (red, orange, yellow, 12-24" tall), HMS, OG______
Nigella NEWDelft Blue (blue/gray/purple, fresh or dried), JSS______
PetuniaDaddy Mix (light blue, orchid, pink, plum), FED______
PhloxArt Shades Mix (cut flowers, 18” plants, long stems, white, cream, pink, rose, lavender), JSS______
PoppyCalifornia Orange, HMS, OG______
Poppy Large Lavender, FED, OG______
PoppyNEWPierrot (red-scarlet), HMS, OG______
PortulacaHappy Hour Mix (bright colors), HAR______
SalpiglossisRoyale Mix (wide range of chocolate, red, purple, orange, yellow, purple-orange and pale blue), FED______
SalviaMarble Arch Mix (rose, blue-purple, white), JSS______
SnapdragonRocket Mix (pink, red, yellow, orange, white, orchid), JSS______
StaticeSeeker Mix (blue, white, rose, yellow, purple), JSS______
StockQuartet Formula Mix (blue, white, pink, rose), JSS______
SunflowerAutumn Beauty Mix (bronze fall colors, multi- branching, September), FED, OG______
SunflowerButtercream (multi-branching, yellow, July), JSS______
SunflowerLemon Queen (yellow flower w/brown center, multi-branching, August-September), FED, OG______
SunflowerMammoth (8-12 feet tall plant, single stem, seeds good to eat, September), HMS, OG______
SunflowerMoulin Rouge (ebony center, burgundy petals, August), JSS______
SunflowerRing of Fire (bi-color flowers, dark red around base, golden yellow tips, multi-branching, August), JSS______
SunflowerSoraya (orange flower w/brown center, multi-branching, August-September), HMS, OG______
SunflowerStrawberry Blonde (red w/lemon tips, branching,July-August), JSS______
Sunflower NEWGoldy Double (bright gold pompoms, multi-branching), JSS, OG______
Sweet PeaRoyal Family (long stems, fragrant, pink, purple, blue lavender, white, black-maroon petals), HMS, OG______
Thunbergia NEWAlata Mixture (orange, white & yellow, grows up to 8', aka Black-Eyed Susan Vine, flowers all summer), HAR______
TithoniaTorch (Mexican Sunflower, bright orange, 5-6' tall), FED______
Verbena NEWImagination (violet blue, flowers all summer, 12-24"), HAR______
ViolaPenny All Season Mix (blooms through end of season), JSS______
ZinniaBright Pink, Giant Dahlia Flowered, JSS______
ZinniaCreamy Yellow, Giant Dahlia Flowered, JSS______
ZinniaDeep Rose, Giant Dahlia Flowered, JSS______
ZinniaGolden Yellow, Giant Dahlia Flowered, JSS______
ZinniaLime, Benary's Giant, JSS______
ZinniaOrange, Giant Dahlia Flowered, JSS______
ZinniaScarlet, Giant Dahlia Flowered, JSS______
ZinniaViolet, Giant Dahlia Flowered, JSS______
Zinnia NEWQueen Red Lime (pink/burgundy petals, lime center), JSS______
Zinnia NEWWhite (Giant Dahlia Flowered), JSS______
Zinnia, MixBenary's Giant Mix (large, excellent cut flowers), JSS______
Zinnia, MixState Fair Mix (traditional variety), FED______
Zinnia, mixSunbow Mix (small flowers, long stems, bright colors), JSS______
Zinnia, mix NEWJazzy Mix (petals are multi-colors and hues, small flowers, pink, orange, yellow, carmine), FED______

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JSS = Johnny’s Seeds   FED = Fedco   HMS = High Mowing   HAR = Harris Seeds   HVS = Hudson Valley Seeds